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Weekend Scrapbooking Getaways in Pennsylvania

My name is Kathleen  Sweeney and I am the owner of Just Scrappin' Weekend Escapes, LLC. I am a retired special education teacher with plenty of free time. When the opportunity arose to host weekend escapes, I immediately thought this would be the perfect venture for me. So, Just Scrappin' was born!   This is  my seventh year  hosting weekend escapes!

I began scrapbooking in 2004, learning the craft step-by-step from a small group of scrappers that met in a local store. My hobby quickly became my passion and these ladies became my good friends. Since then, I have met many wonderful people at various venues and events who have quickly became my scrappin'  buddies.

I love scrapbooking! My 2 sons were once my main subjects; but since they are now grown (and there are no grandchildren in the foreseeable future), I am able to satisfy my obsession by creating scrapbooks for others. Additionally, my love of traveling naturally leads to the scrapbooks that follow each vacation!

Just Scrappin' is a proud supporter of Scraps & Bits Wish Book Team, making scrapbooks for Make A Wish recipients to accompany their granted wishes.

Please consider attending a Just Scrappin' Weekend Escape! I'd LOVE to scrap with you!

Happy Scrappin',


Archiver's in The Mall of America, Minnesota. THE best scrapbooking store EVER!  

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